Fans: Wednesday, April 10, is ‘UH Giving Day’

A message from University of Hawai’i athletic director Craig Angelos:

University of Hawai‘i Athletics

Aloha to our loyal Rainbow ‘ohana,

Mahalo for participating in the University of Hawai’i’s Giving Day! Your contributions are pivotal in shaping the future of our student-athletes, our community, and, ultimately, our athletic program.

Your investment in our student-athletes is an investment in their future success. Whether it’s through a monthly contribution or a one-time donation, every dollar makes a difference in growing Rainbow Warrior Nation. Together, we can ensure that our program continues to excel and achieve greatness.

As we look ahead, I would like to challenge you to find ways to stay involved beyond today. There are countless opportunities to support our cause and become an integral part of our journey. Let’s work together to build a stronger, more vibrant future for Hawai’i Athletics.

Mahalo for your consideration and support. Great things are happening here, and we’re just getting started. Join us for the ride!

Craig Angelos

For UH Men’s Basketball:

Uniform Slam Jam: Slam Dunking our Basketball Style!

Attention hoops fans and supporters!  It’s time to elevate our team’s game with fresh new uniforms that scream style and spirit.  Our team is a representation of our school & state’s pride, resilience and dedication to excellence.  With your help, we can outfit our players in uniforms that not only look great but also instill confidence and unity every time they step on to the court.  

Your contribution will make a tangible difference in our basketball team’s season.  Whether it’s funding sleek jerseys, trendy shorts or supportive footwear, every donation will contribute to our team’s overall performance and camaraderie.

Every gift is appreciated!

To participate in UH Giving Day and make a contribution to UH men’s basketball, please click on this link:

Giving Day FOR UH • FOR HAWAI‘I | Donate (

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